Free Matt Sopron is a website dedicated to supporting the efforts of the Sopron Family to see their son Matt Sopron returned home.

Matt is currently serving a life sentence for a crime he didn’t commit. While Matt is ineligible for parole those directly tied to the crime will be eligible for parole in 2020. This reality makes one question the level of justice at work in our court systems.

Help bring Matt home by getting involved and signing our petition at Change.org!

Our Mission
The Free Matt Sopron mission is to bring together those who’d like to see Matt go free. We want you to read for yourself all the facts of the case that show Matt was framed and is innocent. We want the court and media to know Matt is not alone in his fight for freedom.
Who We Are
People for Matt Sopron is a group of private citizens who want to bring awareness to Matt’s plight. We want the public to understand what has occurred in Matt’s case and join in our quest to get his case opened up and given the scrutiny it deserves.
How can you help?
Help spread the word about Matt’s wrongful conviction and the injustices done to him. Please post your pictures on the Free Matt Sopron Facebook page to show your support for him holding a Free Matt sign of any sort. Sign the Change.org so that we will be able to show all the people who want Matt’s case opened again. Your thoughts and prayers are always welcome. Visit us on Facebook

Matt Sopron was convicted in 1998 of a crime he did not commit.

Matt Sopron is now 41 years old. He was born and raised in Chicago’s Southwest side. He has a younger brother Michael and an older sister Michelle.

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Want to Learn More About Matt's Case?

If anyone in the legal or media communities would like to read the transcripts of the post-conviction proceedings, please fill out a request on the "contact the family" page and they will get back to you. When you read exactly what was said by the defense witnesses, you will clearly see for yourself how Matt was framed and is innocent. We will keep everyone updated when things start happening in court this year. For important documents of the case look here: Recantations & Affidavits Synopsis of Matt's Case