Share your Thoughts & Prayers of support with Matt & his Family.

Share your Thoughts & Prayers of support with Matt & his Family.

We are excited to announce the launch of The family of Matt Sopron is hopeful that we can help them bring their son home and out of prison. We need your help to make that happen, so please spread the word of Matt’s case and share this website with anyone you know!


  1. Phillips Family says:

    How is it that others are walking out of jail for crimes they have committed and Matt is serving life for something HE DID NOT DO? FREE MATT SOPRON NOW!!

  2. Michele Carlson says:

    As you already know my thoughts and prayers have been with you and your family from day one. Until you are home where you belong, they always will be. Your family and friends will be by your side through all of this. The strength you’ve shown by not giving up faith is u comparable. We miss you and love you and know that this nightmare will be put to rest soon. Love you little bro.
    Michele xo

  3. Laura & ScottJustyn says:

    such a beautiful thing you are doing for him, we will pray for all of you and for the freedom of Matt ASAP…….

  4. Pauline Flores says:

    I remember this case like it was yesterday, I was getting ready for a wedding that I was attending with Wayne Antusas. I was dating and ready to spend the rest of my life with him until I got the call from his mom that the police came a and picked him up accusing him pig being the mastermind of this murder. I do believe who ever did plum the trigger should be punished, but as far as Matt and Wayne this was un called for it should have never took place like this. I grew up with these guys and only hope for the best, I will sign what ever I have to for Matt to come home. My brother Laroy always talks about these guys and says they got a bogus deal.

  5. Diana Nawrocki says:

    No one should get a life sentence when there is no evidence and only one witness who got a deal.

  6. Ryan Lopez says:

    Matt is and always WILL BE a dear friend of mine.. We shared a love of Art & Music from a very young age. He is a very talented person. It is said to see the injustice of this & in the world. THIS MAKE’S NO SENSE @ ALL! #freeMattSopron. I’m so happy to see this site!

  7. catherine and danny hendren says:

    Reading about this case is chilling. Not only is it vitally important to Matt that he is allowed justice, but it is important to all of us. This type of situation can happen to anyone.
    We are all vulnerable. We are in the hands of each other on this planet and if we fall into the hands of someone with power who is without honor we are screwed. There are no checks and balances to protect us from these people who have no honor. The power that these individuals have is terrifying and incomprehensible. How do they sleep at night? This case was not about seeking justice or truth. It was about coercion, abuse of power, and fear. How is it possible that a young man gets sentenced to life behind bars when he was nowhere near the crime and had no weapon? It’s absurd!! – especially in a country that supposedly has the greatest justice system on the planet. I admire Matt’s loving family for creating this web site. I pray that it reaches out into the universe and brings forth the miracle they have been praying for. It is only just that Matt come home into the loving arms of his family.

  8. Sandra Gizowski says:

    God bless you Matt , I wish there was more I could to help . I hoped my testimony would shed some light Johnny lived daily talking about this case he truly was so sorry . He paid the ultimate price the lies killed him . If ever you need my help I am there , Johnny was put in a terribl place with what they did to him he never had peace. I hope one day you will be cleared the truth needs to be heard. Sandy gizowski

  9. Shannon Nelson says:

    Anyone who reads this story has to see this man is innocent!

  10. Abigail W. says:

    Our government is a total sham, I have lost all faith. This was before I read about Matt’s case……and it just proves the courts want to put people away instead of digging for the truth.. May God be with you all & Matt. God Bless.

  11. Thank you Sopron Family for reaching out to the McNeil Family. Our thoughts and prayers are definitely with you all in this long nightmare. Someday we would love to have Matt and Bart traveling together and helping others know what is going on. I share the same thoughts of Catherine and Danny Hendren regarding how vulnerable each of us are. Please continue to share with us your journey.

  12. Pete Dancy says:

    mine and my family send our prayers for Matt and his family. ive known Matt for a very long time and i pray he finds justice.

  13. Sharyn Ferrie says:

    When my former son in law was wrongly convicted, I discovered an unknown sub-world of evil that is ironically called our “justice” system. I now know there we no longer have constitutional rights and the concept of “Innocent until PROVEN guilty” is a sham. The court system is filled with lies and deceit and after 6 1/2 years of trying to help my son, I think the only justice that will be found for those like him, will be in the next life. Maybe God allows this to happen because he has a plan for them to help others on the inside…and maybe for us as well, who try to help on the outside. I just wish I knew what would make a difference and stop this evil from continuing. Does anybody have a clue? I’m in.

  14. Linda Lucatorto says:

    The entire Sopron family has endured so much pain for so many years. They are, each and every one of them, God loving, honest, kind, salt of the earth people. This includes, Matt. I’ve known Matt from they day he was born! I say a special prayer every Sunday, for justice to prevail and for Matt to be relased. I will continue to pray, with faith, that this will happen some day soon.

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